Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Wednesday 28/10

On Wednesday we drove to Võru, which is a town in Southern-Estonia. We were accompanied by the students from Sillamäe Gymnasium who were participating in another project in Hugo Treffner Gymnasium.

The first thing we did was visiting the Estonian-Latvian border. After that we headed to Võru Gymnasium and started group work, which was still migration-themed. A very interesting fact was that now the groups were even more multicultural since the student's from Sillamäe speak Russian as their first language. Students form Võru Gymnasium participated in the project work too and eventually all of the groups got the chance to present their work.

Later we walked to the lake of Tamula and enjoyed the beautiful surroundings. Soon it was time to go back to Tartu, where we had our farewell dinner.

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