Friday, 26 May 2017

On top of the world in Budapest!

Tuesday 23.05.17

As I learned from writing the blog a month after the project had taken, I will try to be more precise this time around and blog every day of the activities and doings. Here goes nothing…
On Monday we, the Estonian group were just travelling and getting to Budapest, meaning that it’s hard to actually write anything of the day. We had fun during the long day, that lasted from 10AM till 20PM, during which we had a bus ride to Tallinn, two plane rides and a layover at Warsaw. By the end of the day though we all arrived to out hosts safe, without any luggage missing.

Today, Tuesday, we had an early morning, compared to the Estonian program, of 8.30 at school. During the day we got a lot done, starting off with the school tour, during which we saw the massive complex of János Xántus Secondary School after which we had the infamous project WORK part of the project. After this we had lunch, where we were also served a traditional Hungarian dessert. Next came the interesting part of the day where we rented a bus and got a private tour of the city with its main sights, like Heroes’ Square, Jubileumi-park (a lookout point of the city) and the castle district or old town in Buda. After the 2-hour long tour we took a bus to the city where we were left to trip around on our own. Back in the Pest side of the city we didn’t have much time to do all of the things the host had planned for us because it started raining hard enough to be referred to as “raining cats and dogs”. To end the day half of the group, me included, went home earlier as our families had made traditional local foods for us, while the other half stayed in the city and found something to eat. Somehow I have made it to the present moment of writing this blog and will just add some memories of the day in the form of pictures to finish off.

Marta and Eva posing with this incredible city 
Me and Marta showing our love for Budapest 
Meeri and Villem admiring a church atop the hill in Buda
-Karl Erik Miller

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