Friday, 26 May 2017

Sometimes, getting bored is good

Wednesday 24.05.17 Budapest

I'm back and today was mostly a day of tripping around the city. We begun the off with project WORK, which everybody had mostly done the day before meaning, we were bored. This lead us to ask to be freed for the time to explore the city and this we did by going to the market to look at the local foods on offer there. After coming back from the marketplace we had a luck at the school canteen, which was plentiful and good for school food. Due to having completely overestimated the amount of project time we need, we had another two hours given for it, which we used in different ways. We got to go to the basilica to see the huge church, even from the top of the building, which was quite an incredible view to see. Since with the visit we had filled in all of the free time we had, we went on with our basic scheduling. We went to the last planned place of the day, Hospital in the Rock, where we saw the old hospital and exhibitions put out on the same themes that the hospital had, most noteworthy being the Hiroshima nuclear attack. Having finished that we were going to do some simple sightseeing, which turned out into a long walk around the city, during which we saw many streets ending at around 18 going to dinner. We finished the day of touring by about 21 when the last of us started going home, ending the day. I arrived home at to finish writing this blog about the adventurous day we all had.
The central market was huge

The group enjoying the magnificent basilica

All of the Estonians and their hosts looking over the river at sunset
-Karl Erik Miller

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