Friday, 26 May 2017

The day for goodbye

Friday 26.05.17 Budapest

I have made it to the last blog, of this amazing trip to Budapest. Today we got to start the day off later, I arrived at 8.30 to find, that we are taking part in the weekly dance lesson. The dances were simple and didn't last very long to everybody's relief. Next we got to do our last project WORK of the week and practice how to presentations would be. Since we ran out of time we got to do the presentations to the school right on top of the practice and nailed it. This also ended the scheduled part of the week and meant that we could go enjoy our last lunch at Xántus János. Afterwards we decided to go and split into smaller groups to see the city and get more of what everybody wanted to do in on the last day. This led me to the shopping street with a cold Starbucks. We met up with the group as a whole in 2 and a half hours to something as a group and we decided to go to a festival taking place on the streets in the city. From this we found entertainment and decided to find a place to sit and enjoy the day, we only left to go get dinner. The dinner itself was really good, being at a hamburger place that offered all sorts of variations so everybody found something they enjoyed. The dinner also ended our day as a whole group as everybody started to go home at times they saw fit. As this ends the main project for us I am also ending this blog. Hope anybody who read this enjoyed it and good bye.

Hungarians showing us how to dance

Marta enjoying the marvelous music outdoors at a park

Eva, Marta, Luca and Eszter enjoying the weather on our city tour

 -Karl Erik Miller

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