Friday, 26 May 2017

Mission "Flip-Flops"

Thursday 25.05.17 Budapest

Two down and two to go, starting the day off early, more specifically 7.30 in the morning at the Parliament building. They let us in at 8 o'clock though so we had time to kill. Inside we got a quick half an hour tour of the building parts open to visitors, the building itself was impressive also being one of the highest in the city. Afterwards we left to go back to the school, where we just sat for a bit because we had nothing planned. To continue the day we came to the House of Terror, which is a museum about the way people were tortured during the period of the Hungarian Arrow Cross party and the Communist Party regime. The museum was built into a big house on the Andr├íssy street and had four stories, each of which focusing on a certain period and every room having its own theme. As we left the museum we went back to school for a quick lunch which in my opinion was very good especially for canteen food. Leaving school ended the planned part of the day and meant we could go out on the city. Budapest, being famous for its baths we decided to check out one of the most famous ones in the city. Before going we had to get flip-flops, which turned out to be a mission on its own and ended at Westend, a large shopping center in the city center. Having gotten to the spa/baths  we spent almost 2.5 hours there and felt relaxed afterwards, that being good for our tired from walking feet. Later we went on a wild goose chase to find a place to eat dinner, where everybody, all 12 of were willing to eat and ended up in a Thai restaurant, where the food was good and cheap. Leaving to restaurant took quite a lot of time because everybody liked the atmosphere so much. Once we were out the door the nightlife began and we started looking around the city with everybody ending up going apart by 22 in the evening to be fresh for the next day of school.
Two of the hosts in front of the bath

Our group in the Parliament building
-Karl Erik Miller

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